What kind of campaigns exist with marketing?

Create campaigns to expose your brand directly with the public and create an impactful experience that will be shared with other users, it is the dream of anyone since it will get advertising indirectly. Sometimes, these techniques are carried out in large and crowded places. This practice is called Ambient marketing.

You can also make videos. In this way, the brand will be viewed by millions of people around the world. In addition, today there is the figure of the influencer. These people are followed by millions of users, so if the entrepreneur gets one of them to talk about their products, they will surely achieve success. For example, if you take an influencer and give her a free beauty service such as a Mommy Makeover Tijuana in exchange for her make a video or blog sharing your experience, that will attract your target audience and more if you leave good reviews, it is a worthwhile investment. This technique is called covert advertising.

The magic of Co-branding as a marketing strategy

If you are new to the world of marketing, you may not know that Co-branding is a marketing strategy that uses two or more brands to promote mutual value and profitability, looking for possibilities to enter other markets, get the attention of new clients and share the expenses of the advertising campaigns. Around the world, there have been multiple alliances between brands that have been successful in local and international markets.

Co-branding can be a dream-like strategy for users to bring together the best of both worlds, as well as being a great window of opportunity for brands to position themselves in markets different from the usual ones and thus obtain new and loyal customers. In addition, the best thing about Co-branding as a marketing strategy is that it can also be used by local businesses, working as a team with what might seem to be its direct competitors, but as has been seen with the previous examples, with the reward of a great common benefit in many cases.