The real meaning of marketing

Usually when people talk about marketing, they think it’s just selling their product or service, but they will not know that it is much more than motivating consumers, an interest in acquiring a good or service that they may not have the idea of ​​buying in a moment. determined. Actually, marketing has become part of our lives, integrating it and has to do with our responses and reactions to various products or brands, it drives us to take the decision class plus the simple to the most complex.

The purpose of marketing
The main objective of marketing is to meet the needs of people, no matter what your product or service, even if you are a dentist who makes dental crowns in Tijuana, if you know, contact your prospects, give them a good time with a good service, it is obvious that they will return and they will recommend you with all their acquaintances. It is so good for the consumer that the products and services are offered as a reflection of the customer’s needs and sold alone. When entering what the needs of the users’ needs opens a huge range of options and we understand that they are practically endless, and also very changeable nowadays.

There are no brands that marketing is for large companies, it is really a great help for those who are starting an enterprise. A person may have become independent and open a restaurant, for example. From this moment, a very extensive list of needs is generated almost automatically. This person requires industrial kitchens insurance, so he accesses a search engine on the Internet requesting information from the hospitality machinery, obtaining a large number of results, among which we may not know quickly.

This entrepreneur gets scores or hundreds of results in his search for the Internet, but he can satisfy his need through the advertising banner that he sees right next to the right of the search results page. But apart from all the equipment and staff that has to be clear that management and marketing are key to the success of any entrepreneur.