How to Identify Growth-Driven Food Truck Designers

You didn’t enter the food truck business simply because it’s a cool entrepreneurial move that allows you to call your own hours, be your own boss, and meet interesting people. You want to make that six-figure income and live the good life providing for your family. This means you need to search for food truck designers that are growth-driven from the construction itself, to the painted graphics.  

Owning a successful food truck doesn’t just mean you serve up amazing food with a smile, you need a mobile lunch vehicle from food truck designers who know how to set you up for success right out the gate. Here’s how to identify them.

The Best Food Truck Designers Build Platforms for Success

When it comes to the best food truck designers, they are easily noticeable simply by examining the platform itself. Your food truck builder should have a good grasp of your business model, operations size, menu items, target customers, geographic area and your growth goals and make the food truck’s platform accomodate all of these. Going too small when building a food truck can result in poor service and internal chaos, while going too big can result in hemorrhaging money through unnecessary expenses. Find those food truck designers that take the time to listen to you, and build you a food truck you need as opposed to something they want to sell.

Food Truck Equipment Must be Reliable

Equipment is the heart to any food truck design. Not only much you have the right kind of equipment, but it must be the right size, strategically placed to ensure efficiency, and of a high quality. Avoid food truck designers who buy bargain basement ranges and broilers; look for a company that gets top-of-the-line food truck equipment through smart partnerships so he can pass some of the savings to his customers.

As for food truck equipment specs, size matters. This means you need to make sure your business model and predicted expenses make sense for the size of your equipment. For example, you may be tempted to invest in the T-35 refrigerator because it seems to have good capacity and is more affordable than the T-49. However, your output averages 500 customers a day and not all of your produce and meats fit in the unit resulting in spoilage and a loss. Make sure the workable space and capacity aligns with your business model, or your food truck designer will produce a flop job.

Food Truck Designers for Branding

Your food truck needs to attract customers by making them curious, exciting them, and stirring their stomachs into a rumble. This is why seeking food truck designers that know how to brand your vehicle with shark graphics and designs is crucial. Look for food truck designers that offer hand-painted work, as well as vinyl wraps. Each has their pros and cons, so make sure the food truck designers explain them to you so that you can make a solid, educated decision for your business.