How to Choose the Best Plastic Retail Boxes to Increase Sales

Today’s consumers are pickier than ever. Various studies reveal that the product has to be priced well, offer the right benefits and features, and me well-made from reputable materials. But according to a series of studies conducted by Forbes in 2017, product appearance with an emphasis on packaging is the first thing that attracts buyers to picking something up off the shelf and also clicking on something through online stores. This is why working with the best printing packaging companies building plastic retail boxes is paramount to any brand’s growth.

Certain retail products require plastic boxes and packaging solutions in order to make the product stand out. But knowing which plastic retail box is the best option is no easy task. Your best bet is to contact a reputable printing packaging company like Global Printing and go over your product specs, sales data and goals with an experts in order to determine the best packaging type. In the meantime, these tips will help you jumpstart that process.

PET Packaging Plastics

PET packaging is tough as nails, completely clear, and has amazing moisture barrier properties. In fact, this resin is used in bottles for beverages and injection molded containers. Because PET packaging plastics are so durable and strong, many brands opt for these if they have heavy product that require clear packaging. In addition, items that are prime targets for shoplifters are often placed in durable PET plastic boxes because it takes more time and effort to open the package that is worth it to thieves who are looking for a quick snatch and grab.

Plastic Retail Boxes for Environmentally Friendly Brands

Wait, plastic retail boxes are good for the earth? Some are! When you work with leading printing packaging companies you can find plastic retail boxes sourced from recycled PET flakes and pellets. Not only does investing in this type of plastic retail box help clean up landfills, it also reduces the need for plastics factories to release harmful pollution into the environment. Recycled plastic pellets and flakes also help keep animals and marine life safe from ingesting plastic waste. So if you sell a product backed by a conscious, environmentally friendly plastic retail boxes could be your best bet. Clamshell plastic packages can even be environmentally friendly if unsealed because they can be reused many times.

Plastic Clamshell Packaging

Plastic clamshell packaging gets it name from its shape and function where two joined pieces close to consume a product. Most clamshell packaging boxes are made from thermoformed plastic with sealable edges. Most clamshell packages are clear allowing shoppers to get an easy glimpse at the product. This is a popular option for many brands because they can fit almost any object and the self-locking and friction fitting feature is liked by retailers and buyers alike. Plastic clamshell packaging also allows for products to be displayed in various positions, and the printing components can go on any part of the box and still give great visibility to shoppers.