How 3D Mapping can Improve Your Main Event Specials

Businesses and brands are always on the cusp of fighting tooth and nail to stay competitive, innovative, and capture the imaginations of their consumer audience. This si why special events for corporate and entertainment industries is a multi-billion dollar industry. In order to resonate as a memorable brand, organizations will work with multimedia stage design companies offering 3D mapping for main event specials so they can continue to stay ahead of the competition by creating immersive experiences.

Why does 3D Mapping and Multimedia Art Enhance Main Event Specials

Have you ever been to a main event special that was relatively dull, but there was THAT ONE moment when a cool scene unfolded? Now imagine how captivating that main event special would have been if it had scenes like that one running throughout. Organizations from corporate brands to Broadway theatre, and from rock concerts to fashion shows use companies that create multimedia art installations powered by 3d Mapping to call upon the human emotional experience through innovative stage technology with filmatic tones.

When a company launches a new computer or Tom Ford unveils his new Spring line, product multimedia art and 3D mapping brings a whole new level of life to the stage while creating a bond between the consumer and product at hand. This also allows brands to draw in various segments of their potential buyers through an unforgettable experience mapped out to hit every pain-point and purchasing trigger.

3D Mapping Tells Your Buyer’s Story

One way to suck potential buyers into your main event special is through telling a story. Shock rocker Alice Cooper does this extremely well using 3D mapping technology in his concerts in which monsters are projected on 3D objects thus creating a layer of realism crossing the augmented world into our actual one. Automakers like Audi have used 3D mapping in main event specials for introducing their latest vehicle while making audiences feel more connected to what their experience would be like driving and owning the car.

Because 3D mapping projects images onto odd-shaped objects bringing them to life, stage design companies like Sila Sveta are able to use multimedia art and digital experiences to add humanism into material landscapes and make the story more relatable to people. For example, if a main event special is taking place outdoors on a stage with an impressive city skyline in the background, 3D mapping experts can use projection mapping to animate the buildings in a way that fits into the storytelling process.

3D Mapping Allows Thematic Amplification

Let’s go back to our example of Alice Cooper. Here is a musician who paints his face with scary makeup, wears leather, and sings about dark subject matter. He looks like a creative musical mortician with caskets decorating the stage. The look and semblance of the entire show is captivating, yet creepy. After the drums and guitar sound off, 3D mapping projection art lights up various props bringing living movement to the stage, thus making the entire theme more real. Devils seem to sigh in tune tot he drum beat, and zombies are reaching for victims. 3D mapping makes an Alice Cooper main event special more real, mesmerizing, and unforgettable. And when brands and major organizations use the same tactics, they get the same results.