Basic Marketing For Tourism

Marketing can be seen in several ways. It can be understood as a management process, as a social function, a philosophy, a mixture of strategies or, simply, as everything that is done to sell. Without a doubt, marketing covers all our needs and, therefore, its area of action is enormous.

Tijuana, for example, is a very tourist city due to the great gastronomic heritage it has, so it is easy to find people or companies that require vans to carry out their services of gastronomic tours. The rental of vans for the area of catering, catering or for the transfer of tourists is very common.

Marketing creates a link between the need for a customer to rent a van and companies specializing in this sector. Marketing forces the meeting of both needs, that of the bidder and the claimant of this service.

Similarly, tourists who are in the city for dental work in Mexico are very interested in knowing the typical dishes of this city. The tourist probably picks up his mobile phone and does a search. Thanks to this you can meet and enjoy the best dishes and the most famous typical food of the area. The search on the Internet will also show advertising results that will address the needs of tourists towards a satisfactory solution.

Marketing has great value because it can be understood as a set of relationships that the company maintains with its customers to respond to their needs. Marketing is a meeting between those who need solutions and those who give them, here a mutual benefit centers where both parties gain.

Finally, there is no doubt that marketing is a business philosophy that involves a set of opinions, attitudes, and values towards the market. It is a constant, methodical practice of great creativity and adaptability to different circumstances and historical moments.

Marketing involves the creation of value for consumers and the establishment of short, medium or long-term relationships between them.