Are You Looking for the Best Voice Over New York Studio for ADR?

Sound supervisors and post production managers in New York City face multiple challenges in seeing their voice over recording project through from start to finish. From television to motion pictures, to background installations for Broadway shows and theatre, ADR services in NYC are in high demand. Finding the best voice over New York studio for ADR services is a challenge in of itself. These tips will help you navigate your options in New York City and find the best voice over studio to partner with for life.

Your Local ADR Studio in New York City Will Have a Truly Skilled Team

If you need to have a heart valve repaired, you will surely do some research to find the best cardiologist in the state. Finding a top ADR New York City studio team is no different. You will want to vet multiple voice over recording studios in NYC and ask specific questions about the team. From looping engineer to sound technicians, it is paramount your ADR team is the best in New York. Look for a voice over recording team with a deep experience in shooting dialogue that garners easy placement at the mix stage. You should also see what projects the team has worked on in the past. When voice over New York studio teams have worked on award-winning programs and projects, you know they are at the top of their game.

The Best ADR New York City Studios Use Top Equipment

Mixing equipment and mics can make al the difference. In fact, very few voice over New York Studios have the best mics because they are hard to come by and extremely expensive. However, the most veteran sound supervisors and post production managers know that finding a voice over New York studio with a top of line mic vault is paramount to getting the best quality sound. This vault will include various types of Sennheiser, Schoeps, Countryman and Sanken mics. Top New York ADR studios also accommodate setups for remote sessions using Source Connect, ISDN, Google Hangouts and phone patch to keep sessions connected form start to finish.

Let’s go back to the topic of mics. Sometimes high-quality standard mics are just fine, but there is a way to tell if voice over New York studios use the top of the line. For example, the LDC Neumann U87 known for its dynamic range and superior quality should be the first mic you look for in the studio’s arsenal, especially for animation dialogue recording. Another mic any good ADR NYC studio will have in their locker is the Sennheiser 416 shotgun mic known for its ability to isolate the voice it is pointing at.

Voice Over New York Studios for ADR Need to Be Comfortable

Aside from having a team of industry experts and the best equipment in Manhattan, a good voice over New York studio for ADR must offer luxury comfort. When the actors, sound supervisors, and other crea have a modern, clean and relaxing atmosphere to work in, the process always goes much smoother. Avoid those basement setups and shabby lofts; you should demand nothing less than a true modern, luxurious studio with all the benefits of comfort and class.