A more aggressive strategy

It does not matter if you want to sell on your website whether it’s sporting goods or dental services such as dental veneers in Tijuana, everything can be promoted very easily but if you have many visits but few conversions you may have to make some changes to your website, add more images or publish more information. Another reason why the conversion ratio is low in some website has to do with the strategy being very soft. The default strategy to achieve conversions is inbound marketing, or creation of funnels to cause an action (conversion). That is, driving the user in a hidden way to the point where we want it to arrive.

However, it is not so simple and some online marketing professionals call inbound marketing a complex art that mixes the best of the sciences that study human behavior with those that try to decipher the behaviors of consumers.

What should be done, in this case, is to adjust nuts to make a funnel more aggressive. In addition, combine it with a reduction of the distances from step one (the arrival of a new user) to the last one (the favorable action). What is not measured can not be improved.

Most businesses admit that less than a quarter of their customers repeat purchases in the same establishment online. Statistics also show more obvious regional stores, six out of ten e-Commerce have 75 percent of their clientele outside the community, although almost 100 percent of businesses sell both within the region and outside, and the 40 percent export abroad.

The digital marketing does not stop being marketing, therefore it allows to transform businesses and realities, and impact on the way of being of the people.

The perfect formula is for companies to get 20 clients who want a specific product and in that way, they will have a good segmentation and they will be able to direct all their attention to meet consumer expectations. If he gets them and those people buy again, then he has won because they will bring another 20.